Montgomery County Healthcare Study

The employees of Montgomery County have seen drastic changes in their health insurance over the past eight years.  Back in 2006-2007, Montgomery County still used a third party to handle the county’s insurance claims.  Then the County decided to become self funded.  What this means is that the County decided that it would pay for all of the insurance claims filed by its employees by spreading out the cost amongst all of them.  It wasn’t long after the county switched to the self funded insurance that a disturbing trend started occurring.  The cost of the healthcare continued to climb while the coverage continued to drop.  Deductibles sky rocketed.  The amount employees have been required to contribute to their premiums has risen every year while the amount the employer pays has stayed steady and in some cases, it has declined.

When these changes began to occur, the Professionals Guild of Ohio began its own investigation.  As PGO began asking the county about the financial situation of the healthcare funding, it became apparent the county was not willing to cooperate.  Most of the time the county refused to acknowledge PGO’s requests.  When there was a response, it was either hundreds of pages of information that had to be sifted through or a single number provided in an email with no additional context.

Even though the county has been less than helpful, PGO has compiled years of information and distilled it down to plain old dollars and cents.  Throughout these various pages, you will be able to review the costs that have been implemented over the years and the increase to the cost that you are now required to pay.