Deductibles (In-Network)

The Montgomery County Health Insurance deductibles have drastically increased over the years.  For the Buy-up Plan, back in 2006-2007, there was no deductible associated with this plan.  In 2013-2014, the deductible had risen to $500.  We recently acquired the 2014-2015 health insurance plans and discovered that the deductible for the Single Buy-up plan this coming year will be $750.




The Family Buy-up Plan used to enjoy the same “zero deductible” as the Single Plan in 2006-2007.  By 2013-2014, it had risen to $1,000.  This is $1,000 out of pocket which you were not required to pay when the county was not self insured.  For 2014-2015, the deductible has risen an additional $500.  You will now be required to pay a $1,500 deductible.  Keep in mind, this is the plan with the low deductible.

FINDBUThe County is clearly doing everything it can to make the Value Plan attractive to the employees.  Even though the lower monthly payments associated with the Value Plan seem like a deal, the deductible could definitely become a financial burden in the case of a catastrophic accident.  For the Single Value Plan, the cost rose from $250 in 2006-2007 to $1,500 in 2011-2012.  It is currently holding steady at this rate for 2014-2015.

SEEINDThe Family Value Plan’s deductible has risen from $500 in 2006-2007 to $3,000 om 2011-2012.  It is holding steady at $3,000 and will remain at this amount for 2014-2015.




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