Employer Contributions

Over the years, the county has required its employees to contribute more and more to their health insurance, particularly the Buy Up plan (As can be seen on the Employee Contributions page).  Instead of looking to make the Buy Up Plan more affordable to its employees who truly need the additional healthcare coverage, the county has chosen to actually contribute more to the County Plan.  The following are the contributions made to the Buy Up Plan for Single Employees:


Please note, we were informed the contribution rate towards the Buy Up Plan was changed in the middle of 2011-2012.  As you can see, the amount which the county contributed slowly rose but has since been lowered below the 2007-2008 amounts.

SEEVPERCIn comparing the contributions towards the plans, it is interesting to note that the county has chosen to pay close to $100 less towards the more expensive Buy Up plan.

The Employee Plus One rates are as follows:



The employer contribution rates for the family plans are as follows.



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