Problems and Concerns

This specific page is here to allow you, the employees of Montgomery County Children Services, to let us know the problems which have occurred with your healthcare.  Has the County stopped providing certain medications?  Is your deductible to the point where you are having trouble paying it?  Let us know in the comments section below.

5 thoughts on “Problems and Concerns

  1. Randal Brown

    I have not come accross any severe problems as of yet; though I must say that I’ve been a County employee for about 5 years and in that short time I have experienced the ever rising cost of insurance. I have also heard that soon they might ditch the buy-up family plan which would really cause problems for me and my family financially……

  2. Tammy Smith

    Supposedly the more employees on a plan the lower the cost-or at least thats what they used to say. We had good rates when it was just Children Services-but when we merged with all of the county our rates should have been outstandingly awesome!! Not the case-they continue to go up. For those of us that would need to come up with the high family deductible that you need before most is covered at 100% under the county plan it is not feasible to switch. With what my family needs we would need to pay the whole $5500 out of pocket in less than 3 months. Also, when we switched to Optum RX it took forever to get a medication my daughter needed approved. She went almost 2 months without it. Not acceptable. Also, some of the meds my family gets has to have a pre-auth. Ridiculous! If the doctor wrote the script-isnt he giving authorization already. Why must I wait another few days to have the pharmacy call the doc to have him approve again?? There has to be a better way!

  3. Kellie Hamilton

    I am very thankful and blessed not to have to take the insurance through the county. My husband works at Wright State and they also have their insurance through Anthem and it is the best insurance plan we have ever had. I don’t think I could even afford insurance through the county if I had to and certainly not be able to come up with the crazy deductibles they require.

    Kellie Hamilton

  4. Marlene Jordan

    I am really pissed off with the County for the poor benefits provided under this plan. A pain medication that had to be made from 7 different compound ingredients that was approved in the plan 2014-2015 was only approved for one of the ingredients through the current plan (2015-2016). Anthem told me that I would have to file 6 grievences (1 for each ingredient denied) and that it still would not be approved because our current coverage no longer cover compounds. It was suggested that I have my doctor prescribe a differnt medication.


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