Wages–Who’s getting them?

Montgomery County, being a public entity, is required to provide information regarding its operation to those who make a public records request.  For the past several years, the County has attempted to prevent its rank and file workers from realizing consistent wage and step increases.  It turns out that wage increases have been handed out in the county.  Huge wage increases were implemented for the managerial staff after the county paid for a salary study to examine supervisor/manager wages.  An information request was made and the results were shocking.

  • For the 42 managers and supervisors at Job and Family Services–Children Services listed on both the 2012 and 2015 reports, salaries were increased by approximately $300,000 for management.
  • In the three years since the salary study, some in management have received close to 30% wage increases.
  • The following are a sample of some of the larger increases given to management:
    • Craig Rickett
      • 2012 salary–$62,836.80
      • 2015 salary–$83,283.20
      • Total increase– 32.54%
      • This comes out to a $20,446.40 wage increase in 3 years
    • Belinda Peugh
      • 2012 salary– $65,811.20
      • 2015 salary– $83,283.20
      • Total Increase– 26.55%
      • This comes out to a $17,472.00 wage increase in 3 years
    • Timothy Beasley
      • 2012 salary– $57,636.80
      • 2015 salary– $72,072.00
      • Total Increase– 25%
      • This comes out to a $14,435.20 wage increase in 3 years

When PGO was negotiating a contract with the County, at the County Commissioners meeting it was stated that it would not be financially responsible to provide a reasonable wage increase to the workers at Children Services.  The County has clearly shown who it values.  Instead of providing for the workers, the County has chosen to stuff the pockets of the supervisors.  It is unsettling that this is seen as “financially responsible” while the people who put their safety at risk going into the community to protect the children of Montgomery County must take whatever is left over.

Additional information has been requested and will be published as soon as it has been provided.

10 thoughts on “Wages–Who’s getting them?

  1. Anonymous


  2. Traci

    This is unacceptable in my opinion. We as a union need to start coming together more often not just when we are at negotiations but just showing up at the monthly meetings. Let the uppers know that we are united ALL THE TIME.

    1. Anonymous

      True. Every member has a responsibility. It we truely exercised our rights on a regular basis, they wouldn’t mess with us when they came to the negotiations table every year !

  3. Charity

    Shocking! But I guess it is to be expected when management sticks together and the staff have difficulty doing so…Makes me sick to think the majority of us are day in and day out truly risking our lives for other families and spending more time with other families than our own and none of us are near these amounts. Again, we have to band together or nothing will ever change!

  4. Deborah aka Nyka

    Together we are strong and divided we are conquered, support PGO this is a time to seriously consider yourself as you consider the families and children we serve in Montgomery County! We are proud to serve we are proud to protect we are proud to provide the needed services to keep a family together or reunited them whenever possible as soon as possible……let us strive to care for OUR families and be proud to say,”We deserve more than the county has offered”. Standing together because we are worthy of the best!!!!


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